FFXIV Ninja Week 1 Clear: P8S P2 Hephaistos II | Rank 221 | 10230 rDPS |



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Run from two days ago on September 4th. Patch 6.2 run with static for week 1 clears. Ilvl 621. 615 weapon. Day 6 of week 1 prog.

We beat it! \o/
Surprisingly our clear turned out to be world #137. Not a result any of us were expecting, but at the same time, I don't think most of us expected this level of difficulty from p8s as a whole. So that was a nice surprise. The difficulty spike from p7s to p8s p1 and p2 was like going from a 5/10 to a 8/10. This was a legitimately hard last boss.

Overall, I'd say both phases were about the same difficulty, with phase two being just slightly easier execution-wise. The forced downtime in phase two really eases up the demand. Can't imagine trying to uptime during that shit.

This run was a disaster for me though. I completely delayed my trick attack during Ego Death. And that disjointed the cooldown from my last two minute burst window. But whatever. For some reason my static decided to reward me with the weapon coffer! I was genuinely surprised and quite pleased. x) So next week I will be competing for real. And I probably won't have to limit break.


Link to the run on fflogs:

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