P8S Phase 2 Guide - Pandaemonium Abyssos Savage Eighth Circle



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This is a guide to the fight P8S Phase 2 (Hephaistos) in the game Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV).

As this guide is coming out quite a while after release, PF in your region might be doing mechanics slightly or totally differently. This guide is to help explain how the different mechanics work and suggest at least one way of resolving them. Other better strats will likely be discovered (or already exist) but this guide shows what worked best for me.

0:00 Introduction
2:18 Natural Alignment 1
10:32 High Concept (Alchemy Explained)
12:42 High Concept 1
17:29 Limitless Desolation
19:14 Natural Alignment 2 (Inverse Magicks)
21:51 High Concept 2
26:56 Dominion (Soft Enrage)
29:32 Special Thanks!
P8S, Phase 2, Part 2