FFXIV: Endwalker Dark Knight Guide [Patch 6.2]



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0:00 Intro
0:12 About the job
0:38 Job Gauge
1:30 Abilities
6:02 The Opener and Rotation
7:50 Utility and Mitigation
10:20 Last few notes

Useful link's and sources:

The Balance Job Guide: https://www.thebalanceffxiv.com/jobs/tanks/dark-knight/basic-guide/
Icy Veins DRK Guide: https://www.icy-veins.com/ffxiv/dark-knight-guide
Opener: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/277962421862268930/964203530208546896/tmp4.PNG
Tank Gear Manager: https://bit.ly/XIV-TANKDPSCALC-EW
Shirk macro: https://pastebin.com/UTiAUjhh
fflogs: https://www.fflogs.com/
XIVanalysis: https://xivanalysis.com/

Thumbnail and animated DRK image in the intro and outro by:
SAKI # 4539
Discord: https://discord.gg/XrXEUsCX8G
Carrd: https://sakixiv.carrd.co/
Carrd for commissions: https://sakisphotostudio.carrd.co/

Music used:

Robert Schumann - Blumenstück, Op.19 https://youtu.be/nTmQPFP1JMo
Amy Beach - Children's Album, Op.36 https://youtu.be/zKMAUVXQFUo
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