6.2 PATCH NOTES! Under 10min Summary! [FFXIV 6.2]



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PATCH NOTES FOR PATCH 6.2 ARE OUT! Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 is HUGE! These are HUGE and I've done my best to condense all of the information into this video and I hope this helps you all out!

VIDEO ON ISLAND SANCTUARY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8x4gOJV7UA&ab_channel=ColeEvyx

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0:00 FFXIV Patch 6.2 Patch Notes Summary
0:22 Patch 6.2 Release Date and content coming with it
0:37 New MSQ with new dungeon and trial related to MSQ
1:05 New Savage Raid Tier!
2:20 New Side quest Tataru's Grand Blunder
2:27 Island Sanctuary
4:39 Unreal Trial and NEW Faux Hallows Rewards!
4:47 PvP MANY updates
5:54 Crafter Updates
6:01 Gatherer Updates
6:27 New Rewards from FATEs, Treasure Hunts and more!
6:54 New housing items
7:10 Gold Saucer Updates and new items
7:19 NEW HAIRS for everyone but Hrothgar
7:41 Older Content Revamp and Duty Support
8:05 New Items Roundup!
8:21 New Features and Enhancements Roundup!
8:55 Island Sanctuary is going to be my home
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