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SPOILER WARNING!! Live letter 71 has come and gone; with it a ton of news regarding Patch 6.2 for FFXIV! The patch has been named "Buried Memory" which is set to go live in late August!

Within 6.2 we are given a hefty preview of the new Variable dungeon system as well as the highly anticipated island sanctuaries; even a screen shot for scale of size!

Yoshida-san also confirmed the glamour dresser will be expanding from 400 to 800 slots once this update goes live. We'll be going over all this in more in this video! The wild thing is this is only the FIRST PART of the patch 6.2 coverage! Live letter 72 will continue going over all that we are getting.

ALL INFORMATION HAS BEEN SOURCED VIA THE FFXIV REDDIT DISCORD! Via Miuna on Translations and Iluna Minori providing the slide captures.

Thank you for watching and we will keep you updated on any future Final Fantasy XIV News!
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Video Chapters
00:00 - Intro
00:23 - Patch Name
00:43 - Tataru's Grande Adventure Pt.2
00:57 - Additional Hildibrand Quests
01:06 - Hildibrand Relic Weapons
01:40 - New Tribal Quests
01:48 - New Dungeon
01:55 - New Trials
02:00 - Pandemonium Raid Updates
02:10 - Savage One-Week-Delay
02:30 - New Unreal trial
02:36 - Job Adjustments
02:45 - Crit/DH Adjustments
03:00 - PVP Series 2
03:22 - ARR Dungeon Adjustments
03:45 - Variant Dungeons
04:38 - Savage Variant Dungeons
05:42 - Island Sanctuary Updates
07:25 - Adventure Plate Updates
08:00 - Misc Updates
08:44 - Closing
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