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I had to speak out about this.

I couldn't take it anymore.

If I had let it continue in the community, it would do more damage while those sat idly by and did not say anything about it.

It was late at night and had enough of this issue.

I wrote an article on the sexism and racism I receive in this game due to the choice of playing a male Viera. People will be people, but that doesn't give you or anyone indignation to pester my choice of the race (in my case, characters) I play. The stigma is real. The stereotype is accurate. It doesn't mean I fall in the category.

If you're having a bad day, take it out on some weights, or another outlet. When it comes to the games I love and enjoy, you will NOT run this 6'9 black man off. I'm no perfect man. I'm flawed just like you. But, the color of my skin doesn't define who I am.

As such, this video was impromptu to speak out about what I've endured. I ask for grace on how I was nearly all over the place but regardless, I've made my point.

Square Enix, listen carefully: I am working on a documentary about my love for this game. It has brought me insane, incredible times and learning experiences as a gamer and even as a man. But, this needs to be addressed in the community. The trolling, stalkers, sexism, and RACISM, has to stop!

To the YouTubers/Content Creators: if you wish to reach out to me, you may.

To the folks in the comment section: please be respectful. If you have something positive to contribute, do so. I'm highly aware of the presentation of this video. It was produced out of sheer impatience for what I've endured. I was racially attacked and it has affected me a bit.

All I desire to do is create FFXIV content and enjoy myself in the game. Why is it this hard here in North America to have common decency?

#ffxiv #ffxivonline #peace #racismingaming #gaming #vlog

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