Remember Us. Remember that We Once Lived ┃An FFXIV Ascian Mix



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Another motif-focused compilation that I spent many pointless hours working to create! This time it's in honor of the Ancients/Ascians. Now we may look, learn, and remember.

None of the music belongs to me, of course.

0:00 Stars Long Dead - Keiko
3:33 Neath Dark Waters (Scions & Sinners) - Keiko
9:44 Shadows Withal - Keiko
13:19 Invincible - Keiko
18:53 'Neath Dark Waters - Masayoshi Soken
21:26 Sky Unsundered - Masayoshi Soken
23:55 Full Fathom Five - Ken Ito
27:24 Shadows Withal - Kenichi Kuroda
30:58 Miracle Works - Takafumi Imamura
33:40 Mortal Instants - Ken Ito & Daiki Ishikawa
38:14 Paradisaical Predicaments - Kenichi Kuroda
40:34 Without Shadow - Tsutomu Narita
43:37 Thunderer - Masayoshi Soken
46:50 Invincible - Yoshitaka Suzuki
50:22 Embers - Masayoshi Soken
53:30 White Stone Black - Masayoshi Soken w/ lyrics written by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox.
56:55 To the Edge - Masayoshi Soken w/ lyrics by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox and vocals by Jason Charles Miller.
1:04:20 Shadowbringers - Masayoshi Soken w/ vocals by Amanda Achen and Jason Charles Miller. Violin played by Yuma Ito.


Did I try too hard with the thumbnail? Yes. But Emet-Selch is too pretty, I had to. The songs aren't edited like they are in my other mix, I didn't even crop most of them. And, rather than trying to mess with short clips to make them stretch out, I just recorded looping animations in five-minute chunks. The video mostly matches the music, although Without Shadow probably seems the most random. Themis is cute idk.

I considered arranging this playlist to be consistent according to character and melodic reference, but thought it flowed better to begin soft and work up into the boss themes. Plus, hearing a brick wall of Amaurot music got a little tiresome. The odd song out, so to speak, is Paradisaical Predicaments, but I can't help but associate that song with Emet-Selch. Besides, the vocals sound pretty similar to Without Shadow.

And, yes, Who Brings Shadow is more accurately Hades' song, BUT I like Shadowbringers a lot more. Bite me.

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