Newfound Adventure - Final Fantasy XIV Full Playthrough and Reaction



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My full playthrough and reaction to Final Fantasy 14, now tackling 6.x and some side content! There was a lot of issues thanks to the factory resetting of my PC even rendering this video, not to mention recording as you can tell. Sorry for the low quality of this VOD and expect higher quality recordings from here on out. Next bit of content will be the Role Quest finale, and I plan to do a great edit for that. I hope you all enjoy where this goes from here!

-If you're curious on how many parts there are, here's a playlist updated with every single part and even the Sage Leveling Stream:
-Song used at the start:
-All Rights to this song are owned by its respective copyright holders. I do not claim to own the rights to the song, just using it via fair use to fill in an audio-less void that would otherwise need filled.

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Final Fantasy XIV is a property of Square Enix. All footage and game audio is from my reaction and end of the game. Anything else is simply my voiceover.
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