Warrior - True Boy/Beginners Guide (FFXIV - Shadowbringers)

At last, I could find the missing ingredient for a fitting Warrior guide, by finally playing God of War.
It needed more Spartan Rage, brutality and above all that...More BOY !
And if you want to climb onto the mountain of finetuning, check out my other Warrior guides:
The Comprehensive and long journey: https://youtu.be/IgVxf8hZJoY
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Bear Mc Creary - Memories of Mother, Overture (God of War)
Knut A. Haugen - The Sands of the Forgetfulness, 'Ere the World Crumbles (Age of Conan)

0:00 Intro
1:15 Basic Rotation
2:00 The Beast Gauge
4:28 Inner Release - Spartan Rage Mode
6:14 Defensive Kit
8:32 AoE Damage
8:51 Closing Thoughts & Outro

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