Top 10 Minions in FFXIV! - I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! So much happiness!



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The best minions EVER in FFXIV. Enjoyment of the game would plummet into oblivion without these super cute super amazing minions! These spark joy! These are so happy and fun! I love them SO much!

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0:00 Top 10 Minions in FFXIV
0:32 Special Mentions!
1:43 10 - Abroader Otter
2:18 9 - Palico from Monster Hunter!
2:49 8 - Scree! The Great Serpents of Ronka!
3:26 7 - Morpho
4:38 6 - Wind up Rudy the Gift Giver!
5:05 5 - Wind up Meat Eater
6:01 4 - Hatching Bunny
7:46 2 - Red Panda
8:39 1 - Drippy THE LEGEND! THAT DRIP THO!
9:15 What are your favorite minions

Minions are one of my favorite part of final fantasy 14. While these little guys might not add anything in terms of combat advantages they add a distinct level of fun and ability to express yourself in game!

That is until you realize the gold saucer has the lords of verminion minigame which is actually a really epic way to play with your minions! But more on that later, because this video is my top 10 minions.

Of course the best minion is whatever fits what you like the most. But this is my personal list of my top minions!

Let’s start off with some special mentions cause if I don’t mention them I will be grilled to ash.

Special mention 1: Fat Cat.

When it comes to excellent minions that are well loved in the game few things are as powerful-- flat out OP if I may-- as the fat cat. This minion’s highly questionable ummm whatever you call this bounding gait-- is amazing.

Now let’s read the description.

“Born in an unmarked alley in an unnamed town, this poor creature had to hunt the mean streets just to stay alive... until learning that following retainers and feeding off the slaughter left in their wakes was a safer, easier way to a full belly.”

Yeah. That’s the actual description in the game. Case closed.

Special mention 2 : Bom boko. First off it loves transmog which we all know we are big proponents of in the 14 community. We love our transmog.

Although I know some of you might choose questionable things to transmog into.

But this hover text. I just.

I can’t.



This is literally in the game and I am DEAD.

Special mentions out of the way now we’re into my top 10.

10: Abroader Otter, alongside the normal odder otter this little guy is wearing a ridiculous hawaiian t shirt and a straw hat and a fishing pole! I don’t even know what else to say other than yeah the abroader otter is totally ridiculous and makes me so happy! Also the lore!! The minion lore is so cute!

I mean if you get bored of the food you gotta do something about it right? Relatable content. I relate to this abroader otter. And the odder otter some days when I want to pronounce words correctly.

9: Palico! From monster hunter world cross over event we can have our very own palico. I’m sad that unlike monster hunter world I cannot change it’s colors to something morbidly offensive to the eyes and then equip it with tons of gear for pokemon palico-- what I never mentioned I did some monster hunter world in the past!? Pokemon palico for the win!

And very easy addition to this list!

8: The great screes. These little yellow wrigglers are legendary in the 14 community and for good reason. They are ridiculous, the lore behind them is ridiculous, the questline to unlock them is a meme and I can’t even deal with it.

They are just a fave and I actually love them too myself.

They also come in behatted and behelmeted serpent of ronka if you aren’t fully satisfied with the asmongold scree.

3. Pod 316

Star wars vibes going wild. I adore this minion. Couple this with light saber nouliths and yeah I’m totally beyond thrilled! 4 light saber styled noutliths here just gives me life! Fave weapon in game! Absolute favorite of mine! But I’ll shut up now because this isn’t a favorite weapon in final fantasy 14 video. But this is #1.

Now let’s talk color. I said Pod 316 which is the black version of the samsung S22 Ultra or Iphone Pro Max. Depending on the glamour though the white version of the phone may be better. But in general I find myself pulled more for the black one so that’s why this one!

But what can I say about this minion… it looks highly distinct. It also goes ridiculously well with the Sage with the floating nouliths very much giving me a star wars vibes. I absolutely adore this minion if it didn’t exist I would genuinely be worse off for it!