The World (of Eorzea) is Just Awesome

All video was captured in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and is copyright 2010-2015 to Square Enix Co., Ltd.

The music is from the "I Love the World" Discovery Channel ad campaign by 72andSunny with music by Brian Chapman and Beacon Street Studios. (Check out the original here:

Video editing was done in Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker.

This video is as much a tribute to the brilliant and uplifting Discovery Channel commercial as it is to the fond memories we've made in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Exploring Eorzea, a small portion of the larger world of Hydaelyn, has been immensely enjoyable. What joys (and perils) await us as we journey Heavensward? And don't forget about amazing real world that we live in... unplug every once in a while and enjoy it as well.

Endless thanks to everyone who helped out with this video (and to those who just silently endured my countless requests for help with the scenes) ... and thanks to you for watching!
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