The FFXIV Community Has a BIG Problem | Asmongold VS The FFXIV Community

Some clarifications:
1. I AM talking about a minority of the community. I made a huge fault in the script without properly stating that I'm talking about a minority and people rightly criticized the video saying "this doesn't represent the majority" which is true.
2. With my speedrun mentality, people seem to think I would force speedrunning on people regardless of skill / comfort level and that's just not true. If you've seen my previous videos you'll know my full view on speedrun vs slowrun: you should go at the pace which your group is able to do and conform to what most people in the group want. 3 want to go fast? Go fast. 3 want to go slow? Go slow. Obviously, always keep in mind weaker players and don't throw your group into wipes, but I also think going at a decent pace is standard.
3. There's a huge difference between being controversial for views and having controversial opinions. I don't make controversial content on purpose for attention, rather I just share my opinions on topics I find interesting and they might come off as being controversial.

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0:00 Intro
1:09 Asmongold and his comments
1:48 I'm scared to talk about the negatives of FFXIV
2:43 FFXIV players' hatred for WoW and its players
4:13 "Yoshi P said to unsub"
5:25 New player favoritism
8:17 The more casual and less invested players control the hate mobs
9:01 Disagreeing is okay
9:50 Outro
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