The Best Ways To Level Alts In 2020 | Final Fantasy XIV

Here are the methods that I found to be best to level alts in FFXIV without getting burnt out!

First of all this list is in no particular order of which is the best, and you should be using ALL of these leveling techniques combined to get the most benefit/most exp per hour. Many of these activities can be done waiting for one another or be completed in terms of dailies or weeklys.

I purposely stuck to a basic outline of the list and didn't go into the specifics like (where to find/how to initiate) as that would've made the video WAY too long. Purpose of this video was to push you all into exploring other aspects of the game that gives out really good EXP without ruining your sanity with spamming the Main Scenario instance and doing duty roulette for hours :)

There's extensive Wiki's/written guides out there that tells you how to find the npcs to start or do these methods. BUT I can cover how to do these in separate videos in the future as, some of the methods can be a bit tricky.

ANYWAYS, hope you all are getting those alt jobs leveled to 80, and hope you learned something in this video :)

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The Best Ways To Level Alts In 2020 | Final Fantasy XIV
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