Final Fantasy XIV vs World of Warcraft - 2020 Edition

What are your favourite parts of each game? Do you like both, or think of a personal winner for yourself? Tell me about your opinions, inside the comment section

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Doug Alexander Gregory/Neal Acree/Laura Bailey - Daughter of the Sea
Masayoshi Soken - Who brings Shadow (FF14)
Russell Brower - Lament of the Highborne (WoW: BC)
Nobuo Uematsu - Misconception (FFXIV: HW)

0:00 Introduction
0:54 1st Category
01:28 Gameplay & Battle System
02:17 Player vs. Player
03:36 PvE - Raiding/Dungeons/etc.
05:56 Story & Plot
06:51 Character & Gear
07:50 Conclusion

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