FFXIV Shadowbringers Boss Theme "Insatiable" Extended ~40 minutes (+All 5.0 Bosses)

Man this song is lit, fam. A few people have asked for this so here it is. I believe I included every boss that plays this song in the background. I worked quite long and hard to make it awesome so I really hope people enjoy it!

00:00 Philia (Holminster Switch)
04:45 Aenc Thon (Dohn Mheg)
09:31 Eros (Qitana Ravel)
14:17 Ran'jit (Amh Araeng)
23:48 Storge (Malik'as Well)
28:34 Forgiven Obscenity (Mt. Gulg)
33:19 Therion (Amaurot)
38:05 Quetzalcoatl (Akadaemia Anyder)

Sorry that this is quite loud compared to my other videos, but after just learning that I made all my videos too quiet, I felt that this one deserved to be my kickoff video with proper settings. From now on I'll try to do it right like on this one. I'll need to adjust all the previous videos as well, but that will be a long-term project because I uploaded so many with the quiet settings so please bear with me!

Edit: apparently you can't even replace audio with your own audio on YT so it sounds like I have to re-upload my whole channel...
FFXIV, Shadowbringers, Final Fantasy 14
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