FFXIV: Deep Dungeons - Palace of the Dead Beginner's Overview

Welcome to an in-depth overview of Palace of the Dead! Included are explanations of how all this works, and plenty of strategies of how to handle this place! We won't be covering too much of the trip down to 200 because...I mean look at this length. But I do tackle my opinions on the "PotD Myths." And I ain't too kind about it. But I am kind about PotD!

Deep Dungeon Discord: https://discord.gg/6tjYxQb

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Intro: 0:00
DON'T TRY TO SOLO... yet: 1:41
The Basics - Gear, Stats and Skills: 3:12
The Basics - Getting your Bearings: 6:42
The Basics - Chests and their Contents: 10:57
The Basics - Room Traps: 14:42
The Basics - Floor Effects: 17:10
The Basics - Play it Safe: 17:36
The Basics - Pomanders: 18:33
The Basics - Review: 30:21
The Basics - Floor 50: YOU HAVE TO TRY: 30:57
The Basics - Options After Floor 50, and a Good Idea: 32:26
Strategies For Survival: 35:47
The PotD Myth: 43:14
Deep Diving: 47:49
Heaven on High Mini: 51:46
Credits: 53:00
Patreon Credits: 53:30

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